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Animated Videos

The most popular type of explainer video and the most flexible type of video for creativity and editing. If needed it could be easily updated with future adjustments. Used for explaining services or intangible tech products like software. It could be both dynamic or undynamic, however live action is not possible here.

Cutout Videos

Cut-out video is very similar to whiteboard, but the images are created digitally and their prints are moved and recorded in real time to create the animation.

Whiteboard Videos

Since the animation in this type of explainer video is hand drawn and erased on whiteboard it has certain traditional taste to it. Its ease of operation makes it the lowest costing type of explainer video.

Why using Explainer Videos brings advantage?

  Explainer videos are short and engaging videos mostly for online presentation, that help people understand your company, product, or service. They usually last one to two minutes, and it’s main goal is to explain the problem you are solving for your customers, and why would they want to use it.

  After 72 hours, people are able to recall only about 10% of what they read or hear. But when combined, that number rises significantly – 68% remember the information that they were able to see and hear at the same time. This is exactly what an explainer video does for you.

  Lots of statistics can easily show you the positive effect a video can have on your business, but thing of this – if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Actually, experts say, one minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words! That means that, in a two minute explainer video, you can fit about a year worth of writing.

  Companies state that they succeed in selling more products and services after starting to use Explainer Videos. Also, their staff members are committed and increasingly productive when explainer videos are used for enclosed communication and HR objectives.

Explainer Videos

Looking for corporate video production?

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